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Corporate Ownership Structures

Fiduchi has extensive experience in the creation of corporate ownership structures for high-value assets. We can advise you on the best structured solution to meet your needs.


Limited Liability:
Properly set up and maintained corporate yacht structures, whether onshore or offshore, limit the liability of the beneficial owner to the value of the assets in the structure. It also protects the officers or directors of the company. If the company’s liabilities exceed its assets or if the company is unable to pay its debts as they come due, in most cases the company is simply dissolved.

Owning the yacht in a company also provides confidentiality and privacy for the owner where corporate directors and nominee shareholders are employed.

Vessels of all shapes and sizes can be used for a charter business and a properly created offshore structure and business can provide tax benefits to the beneficial owner.

Many banks prefer to lend to recognised offshore structures for the financing. A well regulated jurisdiction affords greater comfort that the structure is properly maintained.The formation and administration of offshore structures involving the use of trusts, foundations, companies, limited liability partnerships, and incorporated or protected cell companies is Fiduchi Group’s area of expertise. Fiduchi is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission and Jersey is ranked as one of the top international finance centres globally.

Although our principal focus is Jersey, we can set up and administer structures that include  companies from other jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Dubai and the Isle of Man. Fiduchi do not provide legal or tax advice but will work together with a professional team of advisers to provide a bespoke corporate structure that provides the beneficial owner with all the benefits detailed above.

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